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2014-12-27 04:40:16 by Qwasnoid


I'm just gonna leave this here

2014-08-09 06:55:50 by Qwasnoid


10 Years on Newgrounds

2013-12-04 17:11:24 by Qwasnoid

So, it's been a decade since I joined Newgrounds. I was a senior in high school then. I suddenly feel old now... :(

Turn up the sexy

2013-08-29 00:42:21 by Qwasnoid

My Little Brony

2012-08-28 16:32:29 by Qwasnoid

WTF? Grown men actually watch 'My Little Pony' WTF? And here I thought that I was weiwd. That's just plain fucked up.

That's weiwd

2012-03-21 12:26:03 by Qwasnoid

Yule such a wield-oh


2012-03-19 10:49:25 by Qwasnoid

I was going to post in the forums to see if anyone plays Rift, but I did a quick search for it and all I saw were people like me asking about it, and then people talking shit about it or generally not being helpful or adding to the conversation in any way. You know, that's why I hardly ever post in the forums to begin with.

I've been frequenting NG for slightly more than a decade, and been a member since '03, and everytime I get the urge to browse to forums, it's always the same story. So many people act like they know everything and have seen it all, or cops an attitude about trivial bullshit. Unless you're talking about LOLCATS or something.

Besides, if anyone on NG does play Rift, they're probably on it right now, and not browsing the NGBBS... lol. Actually, that's exactly what I'm about to go do, so fuck it. :P


I fucking love Pink Floyd

2011-09-21 22:55:54 by Qwasnoid

The first time I tripped on shrooms was also the first time I listened to 'The Dark Side of the Moon.' Shit was intense, and then I peed my pants.


2011-07-04 11:22:51 by Qwasnoid

North Carolina is getting old, and frankly it kinda sucks. I'm totally moving out to California.

Fucking Rift

2011-03-18 01:18:13 by Qwasnoid

Why did I have to start playing Rift the same semester I started going back to college? Now I can't get anything done. Oh well, I guess I only have myself to blame.